2019 Surf Lessons- Cape Hatteras

We’re pleased to offer surf lessons again in 2019 on Cape Hatteras Island. If you’re planning your vacation it’s a great time to start thinking about taking a surf lesson. We offer lessons 7 days a week between 7am and 4pm.

Surfing is a very condition dependent sport. Wind, waves, tide, and current all affect the time and location of our lessons.

The beauty of Hatteras Island is it offers both East and South facing beaches giving us opportunities to teach in several places which offer different conditions.

We offer beginner surf lessons, intermediate surf lessons, as well as guide and photography services to support surfers of all kinds. We teach one on one, couples, small groups, and large group lessons. We’ll work with you to create a great experience.

No board is required. We can provide boards too. Call us today to talk about your vacation plans. Our team looks forward to teaching you how to surf!

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