it’s Fun to Surf & Sunnie’s Surf Lessons are services of PrimalSea LLC.

Licensed to Operate in Cape Hatteras National Seashore

We hold a commercial use permit that allows us to legally instruct surfing in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

What makes us Different?

So often people sign up for a surf lesson to find they are being taught by a teenager, or a “surf bum,” or some “dude.” That’s fine in some instances but usually leaves you lacking for the real communication and guidance that makes a difference in learning. We take our job teaching you seriously and you’ll be treated with respect. You’ll be offered professional instruction. If conditions do not suit teaching, we’ll tell you so together we can decide how to best proceed. We won’t just treat you like another number.

When you take a lesson or camp with us you will be working with an instructor that focuses on creating a fun learning experience for you. We concentrate on you gaining new skills and being able to take those skills forward on your next surfing adventure.

We focus more on small groups or individuals so your experience is tailored to your individual abilities and needs. Our student to teacher ration is 2:1 in almost every instance except for special larger group bookings.

Methods used at the school were developed by Dr. Kim Perry and include techniques to help all learner types (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). Her curriculum includes both on the beach and water based instruction.

We also offer women instructors which is not common. Women have a different teaching style and we often get requests for this service.


Meet our Team below.

Dr. Kimberly Perry- Surfer, Wellness educator (Ed.D, MSEd), and artist. owner PrimalSea LLC. Kim has taught formally at the university level and with multiple community wellness initiatives including personal training, and program development. Kim’s a passionate water lover. Surfing and kiteboarding are her favorite active pastimes.

“I’m a big fan of “easy” so you’re surf experience will be fun and relaxing.”

Woman Surfer Holding Surfboard

“I love helping people experience the joys of surfing and kiteboarding. There is something amazing about being a part of the journey of learning these wonderful life-changing sports.”

Her journey with surfing began in 2003 when she began learning from her husband Sam. For some years following that time Kim studied under several surf instructors and continues the lifelong journey of developing advanced surfing skills. Since 2003 Kim has traveled to many amazing places to surf including 8 states in the US, and had the pleasure of living in Costa Rica and California to fulfill her surfing passion.

Kim brings a career background of professional health and fitness education to her surf students. She has undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Vocation, Technical, and Physical education, and a Doctorate in Education with a focus on Adult Education Leadership.

Kim also teaches surfing & Kiteboarding with Kite Club Hatteras

Surf paddle boarding and Flat-water Paddle boarding lessons are also available through our partnership with Kite Club Hatteras.

Sam Perry-

Sam is a surfer, foil surfer, kiteboarder, and former Marine. He learned to surf when he was stationed at Camp Lejune. Since then Sam has enjoyed over 25 years of surfing and regularly taking surf trips and surfing Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, and many places in the US. Sam is an enthusiastic and conscientious instructor for longboard surfing and shortboard surfing. Sam is Kim’s husband and often co-teaches with Kim. They offer a unique blend of teaching styles and communication skills that are a step above other surf lessons.

Kim and her associates are approved to teach lessons within the Cape Hatteras National Seashore allowed by holding a commercial use permit.