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Am I too old to learn to surf?

One of the most awesome part of surfing is that it can be a lifelong sport. People of all ages enjoy surfing in lots of different ways. Are you too old to learn? Never. Surfing is an amazing way to be with the ocean and can be enjoyed by peopleRead More

What Age Can Kids Take Surf Lessons?

Surfing is a wonderful sport for the whole family. For decades families have enjoyed playing in the waves, traveling for surfing, and learning and advancing together. Children can start very young, ages 2 or 3, with careful help and support. They can enjoy tiny waves on soft boards with aRead More

Swimming Ability Needed for Surfing

Surfing takes place in the ocean and being able to swim is an important part of surfing. A surfer of any kind, including a first time student, cannot rely on having a surfboard as a flotation device. Even though a “leash” is used to connect the student to a board,Read More

Getting Ready for Your Lesson

Here are some tips for getting ready for your surf lesson: Pack a snack, hat, water, a towel, and sunscreen. Wear clothing/bathsing suit you can stretch and move in and that will keep your shall-we-say “private” parts well covered. We’ll be making “yoga-like” movements, bending, etc. on the beach andRead More

2019 Surf Lessons- Cape Hatteras

We’re pleased to offer surf lessons again in 2019 on Cape Hatteras Island. If you’re planning your vacation it’s a great time to start thinking about taking a surf lesson. We offer lessons 7 days a week between 7am and 4pm. Surfing is a very condition dependent sport. Wind, waves,Read More