Getting Ready for Your Lesson

Here are some tips for getting ready for your surf lesson:

Pack a snack, hat, water, a towel, and sunscreen.

Wear clothing/bathsing suit you can stretch and move in and that will keep your shall-we-say “private” parts well covered. We’ll be making “yoga-like” movements, bending, etc. on the beach and on the board in the water.

I love surfing in yoga tights or surfing tights or longer stretchy shorts.

I recommend a long sleeve top if you have one available, cotton or synthetic materials work fine. Short sleeves and bathing suit tops are also welcome, just remember that surfers wear “rash guards” for a reason, the board can cause rashes on the inside of your arms, and stomach.

Contact Lenses: My husband surfs in his contact lenses all the time, but they are Daily lenses and loosing one is not a big problem. If you need to wear glasses or sunglasses be sure to get a strap that floats.

Hats: I really like surfing with a hat on. I wear a baseball cap with a string pinned to my top, or a water specific hat that has a strap. It helps protect both your face and eyes from the sun.

Wetsuits: A wetsuit can help you stay warmer, float a little better, and protect you from the sun. There are many options when it comes to wetsuits. Some have long sleeves and legs. Some have short sleeves and short legs or some combination of long and short. Wetsuit tops (shirts) are also nice in warmer months when the wind or water might give you a slight chill. If you wish to rent a wetsuit please let me know in advance so I can make arrangements.

Flotation Aids- Children and adult students are welcome to wear flotation aids when taking lessons including life jackets. Some jackets make surfing a bit more cumbersome but it’s always better to be safe in the water if you are concerned about your swimming ability. I currently do not have life jackets to rent, however local businesses with kayak rentals may be able to provide you with one.

Read more about swimming ability needed for surf lessons here.

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