What Age Can Kids Take Surf Lessons?

Surfing is a wonderful sport for the whole family. For decades families have enjoyed playing in the waves, traveling for surfing, and learning and advancing together.

Children can start very young, ages 2 or 3, with careful help and support. They can enjoy tiny waves on soft boards with a guardian right next to them. At this age kids are often wearing life jackets and never out or arms reach of an adult.

As children reach ages 4, 5, and 6 years old they can become ready to try surfing a bit more independently, still within careful supervision of a parent, instructor or guardian.

I offer beginner lessons for kids age 5 and up who can swim and are comfortable playing in the ocean.*

Water conditions are a very important consideration with young surf students. That means the day and time your lesson will take place will need to be planned based on conditions. Lessons can be cancelled or rescheduled if the conditions are not safe.

Kids age 5, 6, and 7 years old often wear a swimming aid such as a “Puddle Jumper” by Stearns or a life jacket while taking a lesson. I do no provide these, so if your child is most comfortable with a life jacket or swim aid, please bring one to the lesson.

Please note that a swim aid is not a replacement for a Coast Guard Approved PFD, these are two very different things. Read more about the types of Coast Guard approved PFD devices here. Read more about the differences between swim aid and PFD here.

It’s better safe than not, so go with the side of caution with flotation devices.

  • *I define minimum swimming ability as being comfortably able to move through the water with arm and leg strokes, to float, to do deadman’s float, ability to swim under water while holding your breath, and ability to dog paddle. Being comfortable with floating and swimming in water over your heard in depth.

Links to Swim Aids/ Puddle Jumpers (I do not endorse specific products, just providing some easy links to get your research started.)

Amazon- Body Glove Puddle Pals

Amazon – Sterns Puddle Jumper

Amazon- Type III PFD Options

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